Marine Grade Plywood

For many people, home is more than a place to reside; home is actually a place of prestige and pride for them. Under any situation, when you wish to get a classy look, the wooden finish could be the best choice. But the first thing that disturbs the vanity of wooden interiors is the durability factor in terms of its contact with water. Still, if you want a way out from such a problem, trust marine grade plywood. Throughout the world, you would get numerous…Continue Reading “Marine Grade Plywood from One of the Best Plywood Manufacturers”

aluminium sheet

In the year 1825, when they first discovered Bauxite and invented aluminum in a lab, most of the scientists were aware of the fact that, as a metal, aluminium roll is going to change the world for good.  An aluminium roll at that point of time was a prized possession; it was a light metal, and artists were comfortable to work with it. It was also the time when the aluminium sheet was expensive.  At that point in time, nobody has ever thought that someday aluminium roofing sheets…Continue Reading “Vertical Expansion and Durability with Aluminium Sheet”

aluminium foil

Aluminium foil and aluminium coil both are preferred choices of raw materials for manufacturers across different sectors. Many of them opt for aluminium foil and other raw materials, because of the various advantages that it offers. One of the biggest advantages of choosing aluminium foil as the raw material for the further process is that it is easy to handle and transport. Since aluminium is rolled into coils, it takes up less space – saving up to one-third space as compared to sheets or foils. Secondly, it is easy…Continue Reading “What Makes Aluminium Foil a Manufacturers’ Preferred Choice?”

aluminium sheet

Aluminium – The Wonder Metal Even though we don’t realize, Aluminium has become omnipresent, be it home, office or vehicles. The metal is being used extensively in different forms, such as Aluminium roll and Aluminium roofing sheets, because of the many benefits that it offers. This extremely versatile metal score over other metals in many aspects! Some of the advantages of using Aluminium roll, Aluminium roofing sheets or any other Aluminium product are that they are lightweight and corrosion resistant. Other advantages are reflectivity and…Continue Reading “Aluminium sheet is the Go-To Renovation Option”

plywood manufacturers

Empowering Your Dreams by Materializing Your Desires – That’s Virgo! Wooden décor solutions had been primary for a long time. Flexible plywood has become the wood for the 21st century. If a home décor expert is seeking to enhance the upholstery of a house, then flexible plywood creates some interesting options. It is not plywood, it is the flexible plywood, and the addition of the term flexible denotes that architects and other creative home décor experts can use it for creative purposes. Lighter in weight,…Continue Reading “Your Online Rendezvous With One of the Best Plywood Manufacturers”

aluminium foil

Be It Aluminium Foil or Aluminium Coil or Aluminium in Any Other Form! No wonder that Aluminium is known as the ‘wonder metal’ because of its malleability and tensile strength. Thus, is available in numerous textures, surface finishes, forms and colors. In layman’s language, Aluminium is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything and everything, ranging from industrial and household use to packaging and therapeutic usage. You often come across this metal in day-to-day life; for example, the Aluminium coil that is…Continue Reading “Versatile Aluminium Is the Best”

Kitchen laminate

Kitchen of a house resonates with the taste of the residents. How a person handles his kitchen décor shows his taste and style that he carries. For this very reason, while thinking about a kitchen renovation, the first thing that comes in your to-do list should be the kitchen laminate. There are various types of decorative laminates available in the market. A wise selection could bring out the best look for your kitchen that would add stars to your personality. Why Kitchen Laminate? When it…Continue Reading “Your Kitchen Deserves the Best Look – Embellish with Kitchen Laminate Today”

marine plywood flooring

Home is not only for a stay to many, but a matter of pride and prestige also these days. Wooden finish to an interior gives a superclass look under any circumstance. But the worst thing about wood that first comes to our mind is the durability factor of wood when it comes in contact with water. The way out from such hazardous situation is marine plywood. Plywood manufacturers throughout the world bring you numerous types of plywood, from which marine plywood stands tall in the…Continue Reading “Looking for the Best Interior Furnishings? Marine Plywood Can Be Your Answer!”

plywood kitchen cabinets

While looking for marine grade plywood for your kitchen, never forget that your kitchen is a small industrial unit. A simple gas stove can be compared with a furnace, and your kitchen Sunmica can be compared with industrial storage, where you keep some perishable goods and other goods, which are under a constant threat from external elements. Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen with Plywood Kitchen Cabinets Most of the people think that sunmica is a cover-up over the wood to cover its vulnerability. However, when you…Continue Reading “Plywood Kitchen Cabinets for the Most Ideal Kitchen Décor Solutions”


Everyone dreams of decorating his/her home or office in a particular way, and no two dreams can be the same; so, it’s important to find the right products to turn those dreams into reality. Virgo Group is the one-stop-solution for all your sunmica needs. Our Company is known for trust, legacy and quality sunmica laminates. We are a commitment to quality, and sheer perfection has helped us carve a niche and become the best sunmica manufacturer in India. A Name to Conjure with! Driven by…Continue Reading “Virgo: An Unsurpassed Sunmica Manufacturer in India”